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Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy / Laraine Pounds
Accredited course approved by AHNA to award 310 contact hours for Nurses and 325 for Massage Therapists by NCBTMB. Personal mentoring from Laraine Pounds, RN, MSN, CMT, internationally credentialed aromatherapist, & holistic nurse consultant.

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Global Aromatherapy Business Listing Package Information

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AromaWeb's cross-promotional Global Aromatherapy Business Listing Package is an exciting yet affordable method to advertise your eCommerce, Web-based or mail order aromatherapy business.

AromaWeb's Global Business Listing Package includes three valuable promotional services:

  • A listing in up to 34 categories relevant to your business within AromaWeb's popular Global Aromatherapy Business Directory.
  • The rotation of your listing at the top of most pages on AromaWeb. Your company name, link to your Web site and company description will appear in rotation at the top of most pages throughout AromaWeb. This significantly extends the amount of exposure that AromaWeb gives to your listing.
  • The rotation of your listing directly on AromaWeb's Home Page, within the Advertiser Spotlight section.

This entire package is offered for only $95 for 12 months!

This is a perfect opportunity for:

  • Essential Oil Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distillers
  • Finished Product Suppliers
  • Bottle and Packaging Suppliers
  • Aromatherapy Educators
  • Trade Groups
  • Authors and Publishers

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Global Aromatherapy Business Directory Listing

An AromaWeb business listing is an affordable means of promoting your aromatherapy-related products or services. Be sure you're listed in the premier spot where visitors are seeking out aromatherapy companies to conduct business with.

Included in the modest $95 annual listing fee, your listing will appear in the aromatherapy categories that pertain to the products and services that your company offers. Click here to view the 36 available categories.

Your detailed Global Aromatherapy Business Listing will be formatted to look like the following example:

Your Company Name Here

Web Site: https://www.aromaweb.com
E-Mail: info@aromaweb.com
12345 Aromatica Way
Suite 123
Fragrancia, CA 99999
Telephone: (111) 555-5555
Fax: (111) 555-5556

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam at libero vitae mauris tincidunt luctus condimentum vitae urna. Sed neque augue, interdum id volutpat pharetra, volutpat et velit. Aenean vel lacinia leo. Donec rutrum pharetra posuere.

Our Products & Services are Listed In the Following Categories:
Retail  Wholesale/Bulk  Essential Oils & Absolutes  CO2s  Rare & Precious Oils  Carrier Oils  Infused Oils  Herbs  Spiritual Oils/Blends  Lotions and Creams  Gift Sets  Candles  Bottles/Packaging  Blending Equipment  Diffusers & Nebulizers  Aromatherapy Jewelry  General Accessories  Books & Periodicals 

...This is an example. You may opt to leave out your address, telephone number, fax number and/or e-mail address if you wish. The categories that appear underneath your listing will be the categories that apply to your business.

See How Your Listing Will Appear:
View One of AromaWeb's Global Business Directory Pages

Home Page and Top-Of-Page and Listing Rotation

Your company name, link to your Web site and company description will appear in rotation at the top of most pages throughout AromaWeb AND within the Advertiser Spotlight Section of AromaWeb's Home Page. These added features significantly extends the amount of exposure that AromaWeb gives to your listing. The majority of AromaWeb's 500 pages are dedicated to utilizing this wonderful promotional feature. The pages that it doesn't appear on are reserved for Top-Of-Page graphical banner advertisements.

This added feature offers significant additional exposure for your low annual business listing fee.

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As an additional service to AromaWeb's visitors, your education listing will also appear in AromaWeb's School & Educator Directory that is directly linked from AromaWeb's sidebar, footer navigation and home page links.

Take advantage of the following benefits of an AromaWeb Global Aromatherapy Business Listing Package:

  • Ensure that you are listed where visitors are intentionally going to seek out aromatherapy-related wholesalers, retailers, educators and service providers/practitioners.
  • The Global Business Listing Package is wonderful for advertisers who have a modest advertising budget. For $95 you receive both an annual directory listing and an annual top-of-page rotational listing.
  • The Top-Of-Page Listing rotation allows you to have a banner-style promotion without incurring the time or cost of graphical banner development and placement.
  • The annual term length provides convenience by allowing you to place one order for a term that lasts an entire year instead of having to repeatedly renew throughout the year.
  • Choosing AromaWeb gives you the security of knowing that you are advertising on one of the world's most respected, most popular, and most quoted informational aromatherapy Web sites. AromaWeb has been in service since 1997.

Only $95.00 U.S. for a 12 Month Term
(Equivalent to Only $7.92 Per Month)

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