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We combine traditional aromatherapy blending techniques with certified organic plant-based ingredients to create spa quality personal care products that make you feel and smell great! Pure, safe, and natural. No synthetic or petroleum ingredients.

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Testimonials from Advertisers

On behalf of AromaWeb, LLC, Wendy Robbins strives to nurture supportive and professional yet personable relationships with AromaWeb's advertisers. Wendy is honored to share the following comments offered by several of AromaWeb's prominent advertisers. None of the below advertisers received special compensation or favors in exchange for using their comments.

"When Wendy first mentioned accepting paid advertising, I was crushed, because her glowing review of Nature's Gift oils when she was "an unbiased observer" had already brought us a lot of traffic. I'd have preferred she not change a thing. But...something had to pay for AromaWeb's bandwidth. Of course, I had to sign up immediately. Not sure if I was her first paying client, but definitely one of the very first. Through the years, AromaWeb has proven to be the only consistently profitable paid advertising for Nature's Gift. Wendy is a joy to work with; I count on her creativity when I need a new banner, etc. I know traffic that comes from AromaWeb is seeking what we have to offer. It's a perfect fit, and I can't believe we are coming up on 10 years of "togetherness."

Wendy's Response: In its infancy, AromaWeb did not accept advertising. During that time, I featured objective reviews of several aromatherapy retailers/suppliers. Nature's Gift had an outstanding reputation, and Marge was a mentor and huge source of valuable information to me during my initial journey into aromatherapy. Nature's Gift was amongst the companies that I reviewed during that period, and it is that review that Marge remarks about here. Although Marge wasn't AromaWeb's very first advertiser, she was AromaWeb's second, having missed the distinction of being AromaWeb's first advertiser on AromaWeb by only one hour. AromaWeb's first few advertising positions sold quickly.]

— Marge Clark
Nature's Gift

Andrea kindly shared the following comment the day after her banner advertising term began:

"I wanted to let you know my site traffic almost doubled today, wow! The ad is clearly having an impact. Thank you."

— Andrea Butje
Aromatics International

"Working with AromaWeb, LLC and its creator has been rewarding for me. I have been an advertiser since the beginning. Wendy Robbins is a joy to work with, extremely professional in every aspect and is extremely creative. I have had only positive connections with those clients that found me thru AromaWeb."

— Rosanne Tartaro
Founder / Owner
SunRose Aromatics

"We have been advertising on AromaWeb for several years, and we're glad that we do. When I check our Google Analytic Reports of our Web site referrals, AromaWeb is always listed within the top 3 of sites for referring customers to us. And the visitors that come to us from AromaWeb stay for a longer time than other referring sites! We know too that many of your referrals purchase from us as many tell us they found us through AromaWeb. Thanks again for having this great service. We plan on our continued relationship with you for many years to come!"

— Alan and Penny Keay
Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC

Penny recently shared the following additional comment (Thanks, Penny!):

"Just want to let you know that our advertising with you is a big part of our business referrals. Every week we read (at the bottom of our orders) where we ask how did folks find us – they say AromaWeb links! So we know our advertising pays!"

— Alan and Penny Keay
Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC

"AromaWeb is a destination Web site for our Everyday Aromatherapy retail and wholesale customers and has been an integral part of our advertising strategy for many years."

— Kevin Coffey
The Aromatherapy Place - Auroma

Donna Maria Coles Johnson (dM), Founder and President of the Indie Beauty Network included the following lovely comments at the conclusion of her interview/feature article with me back on August 14, 2006. (Read the entire article on her remarkable network site here):

"...Some people run their online businesses as if they have no personality to speak of. Wendy is not one of those people. Instead, she understands that the tone of her site is set by her personality, and that even if site visitors and advertisers never meet her in person, they are banking on her personality, as reflected at the site, to enhance their lives. Wendy is a genuinely pleasant human being with a kind and caring personality and a positive disposition. These traits serve her well. It has been a pleasure working with her over the past 7 years (Wendy, it has been that long??!), and am looking forward to many more.

Please visit Wendy's Aroma Web site to enjoy wonderful original content about all aspects of aromatherapy. And if you're lucky enough to catch her at a good time, make sure to ask her to design a graphic that you can use to promote your business. She's talented, efficient and a pleasure to work with!"

— Donna Maria Coles Johnson
The Indie Beauty Network

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