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Home Page > Aromatherapy Articles & Guides > Purchasing Aromatherapy Products: Aromatherapy Product List

Aromatherapy Product List

Below is a sampling of the types of aromatherapy products commonly available. Some products can apply to multiple categories. This list accompanies the detailed How to Buy Aromatherapy Products article.

Aromatherapy Products

Emotional Well-Being:


Bath Additives

   • Massage Oils
   • Diffuser Blends
   • Room Sprays

Personal Fragrances


Any of the Below Subcategories Can Also Be Formulated to Help Enhance Emotional Well-Being While Also Focusing on the Primary Function


Skin Care:


Soaps and Cleansers
   • Moisturizers
  •  Lotions
  •  Creams
  •  Butters
  •  Body Oils
   • Exfoliants
   • Facial Masks
   • Body Wraps
   • Bath Additives
  •  Bath Salts
  •  Bath Bombs
  •  Bath Oils

Hair Care:



   • Conditioners
   • Rinses
   • Styling Agents

Hair Growth Stimulators


Hygiene Products:



   • Body Powders
   • Mouth Washes/Rinses



Cut and Wound Cleansers

   • Expectorants
   • Balms
   • Salves
   • Poultices



Massage Oils

   • Massage Balms

Personal Fragrancing:


Natural Perfumes
   • Body Mists

Room Fragrancing:


Diffuser Blends
   • Room Mists
   • Linen Sprays

Household Cleaning:


Laundry Cleaners
   • Dish Soaps
   • Furniture Polishes
   • Furniture Polishes
   • Disinfectants
   • Surface Cleaners

Individual Aromatherapy Ingredients:


Essential Oils
   • CO2s
   • Absolutes
   • Herbs
   • Vegetable Oils
   • Vegetable Butters
   • Salts
   • Other Natural Ingredients

The above Aromatherapy Products List accompanies the How to Buy Aromatherapy Products article. For detailed information on what to look for when purchasing individual essential oils and essential oil blends, visit the How to Buy Essential Oils Article.

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