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Home Page > Aromatherapy Books > Daily Aromatherapy: Transforming the Seasons of Your Life with Essential Oils

Daily Aromatherapy: Transforming the Seasons of Your Life with Essential Oils



Daily Aromatherapy: Transforming the Seasons of Your Life with Essential Oils
Author: Joni Keim and Ruah Bull
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-55649-693-2

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Daily Aromatherapy is a 371-page text dedicated towards inner reflection, growth, healing, spirituality and self awareness through the esoteric use of essential oils. The book is well organized, and is broken down ultimately into a day-to-day format of enriching exercises. Readers are offered multiple ideas on how to best use the book based on their particular needs, time availability and the essential oils on hand. The content of Daily Aromatherapy is organized by the four seasons of the year, with each season embracing elements at where we are all at in our present life journey. From there, each season is broken down into individual months and then into the 52 weeks of the year.

p class="standard">52 essential oils are profiled, one per week. Seven different daily exercises are offered for each of the essential oils, broken down by specific day of the year. I have not had the opportunity to read Daily Aromatherapy from front to back, but the exercises for each oil all seem to follow the same well organized pattern:

  • Day 1: Aromatic Affirmation
  • Day 2: Aromatic Emotional Self Discovery
  • Day 3: Aromatic Exercise Specific to the Oil Itself
  • Day 4: Aromatic Blessing
  • Day 5: Aromatic Activity
  • Day 6: Aromatic Visualization
  • Day 7: Aromatic Prayer

Daily Aromatherapy is a beautiful book that enlightens readers to the possible emotional and spiritual benefits of essential oils. These are the realms of essential oil usage that are not strongly supported by science, but nonetheless are a major application of essential oils for many. Unlike some books that merely list the emotional or spiritual/meditative benefits of each essential oil, Daily Aromatherapy offers the reader specific exercises for each essential oil over the course of the week. Guided by the authors, these exercises help the reader to experience and learn about the oil in a variety of ways.

I appreciate that the authors provide a better-than-most "How to Use This Book" section that gives readers alternative ways in which to read/study/implement the information presented within its covers.

This book does not have an index. Instead, it offers several indices that organize essential oils and their uses. You will not find "depression" or many negative emotional states listed. Instead, you will find that the emphasis is upon building positive states such as Hope, inspiration, Joy, Optimism, Rebirth, Harmonious Relationships, Releasing Fear, and more (from Appendix II: Alternate and Additional Best Essential Oils." Because owning the 52 essential oils featured in this book can be cost prohibitive for most individuals, and because the authors respect that not all individuals have a positive reaction to some essential oils, this same appendix is helpful for substituting essential oils throughout the book.

See the below table of contents for more information.

Table of Contents of Daily Aromatherapy: Transforming the Seasons of Your Life with Essential Oils:

  • Foreword by Becky Ann Green, PhD
  • Introduction
  • How to Use This Book
  • The Spring Months: March, April, May
    • March: Clearing Away, Cleansing, Releasing
      • Lemongrass to clear and cleanse
      • Bay St. Thomas for releasing fear
      • Grapefruit for releasing negative emotions
      • Juniper Berry for protecting against negativity
    • April: Joy, Optimism, Hope
      • Orange for joy
      • Mandarin for optimism
      • Petitgrain for harmonious relationships
      • Bergamot for hope
    • May: Creative Expression, New Beginnings, Inspiration
      • Geranium to support the feminine
      • Coriander for creativity
      • Nutmeg for support new beginnings
      • Eucalyptus for inspiration
      • Mimosa for renewal
  • The Summer Months: June, July, August
    • June: Clarity, Concentration, Mental Energy
      • Rosemary for mental clarity
      • Basil for concentration
      • Lemon for objectivity
      • Peppermint for mental energy
    • July: Willpower, Confidence, Physical Energy
      • Pine for willpower
      • Cinnamon for self-confidence
      • Thyme to support the masculine
      • Tea Tree for energizing on all levels
      • German Chamomile for truthful expression
    • August: Motivation, Manifesting, Perseverance
      • Clove for motivation
      • Ginger for manifesting
      • Ylang Ylang for passion and enthusiasm
      • Fennel for perserverance
  • The Autumn Months: September, October, November
    • September: Self-Reflection, Good Judgment, Intuition
      • Spruce for self-reflection
      • Fir for self-understanding
      • Bay Lauren for using good judgment
      • Clary Sage for intuition
    • October: Self-Acceptance, Forgiveness, Healing
      • Palmarosa for self-acceptance
      • Roman Chamomile for forgiveness
      • Marjoram for healing grief
      • Lavender for healing on all levels
      • Champaca for receptivity to spiritual guidance
    • November: Gratitude, Personal Growth, Compassion
      • Jasmine for gratitude
      • Cardamom for generosity
      • Cypress for personal growth
      • Rose for compassion and unconditional love
  • The Winter Months: December, January, February
    • December: Comfort, Security, Connection
      • Benzoin for comfort
      • Vetiver for feeling safe
      • Vanilla for a deep connection to Mother Earth
      • Oakmoss for a sense of abundance
    • January: Peace, Trust, Spiritual Growth
      • Neroli for a sense of peace
      • Spikenard for a sense of trust
      • Myrrh to understand the spiritual perspective of emotional challenges
      • Rosewood for spiritual opening and growth
      • Immortelle (Helichrysum) for spiritual strength
    • February: Oneness, Wisdom, Balance
      • Cedarwood for a direct connection with the Divine
      • Sandalwood for a sense of oneness
      • Elemi for balancing spiritual and wordly life
      • Frankincense for spiritual wisdom
  • Appendix
    • Best Essential Oil for...
    • Alternate and Additional Best Essential Oils
    • Essential Oils for Difficult Mental and Emotional Issues
    • Essential Oils and Associated Archangels, Key Angelic Essential Oils
    • Essential Oils and Animal Associations
    • Subtle Anatomy
    • Essential Oil Safety
    • Aromatherapy 101
  • About the Authors

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