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Fragrance and Wellbeing: Plant Aromatics and Their Influence on the Psyche


Fragrance and Wellbeing: Plant Aromatics and Their Influence on the Psyche

Author: Jennifer Peace Rhind
Publisher: Singing Dragon
Copyright: 2013
Number of Pages: 448
ISBN: 1848190905 / 978-1848190900

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Citing numerous articles and studies, Jennifer Peace Rhind provides a thorough, intriguing and objective look at the impact of aroma and fragrance, including natural botanical aromatics and essential oils, on personal wellbeing and the psyche.

Fragrance and Wellbeing is comprised of two distinct parts (see the Table of Contents, below). Within Part I Scent, Rhind begins by explaining what we currently know and do not yet understand about the olfactory system and how aromatic information is processed and interpreted. Rhind then enlightens the reader about the concepts and theories behind the human psyche and the influence and impact that aromas and odors can have upon our wellbeing and mood.

I very much appreciate Rhind's objective viewpoint by addressing possible outside influences that can impact our perception of aromas.

Within Part II A Natural Palette of Aromatics, Rhind organizes natural aromatics into several fragrance groups, describes each group and then provides detailed and historical information about the natural botanicals contained within each fragrance group. The descriptions that Rhind includes for each fragrance group and for each individual botanical contains a great deal of background, historical, geographic and aromatic information.

Description from the Back Cover:

This book explores the impact of fragrance on the psyche from biological, anthropological, perfumery and aromatherapy viewpoints.

Fragrance and Wellbeing examines the ways in which fragrance can influence our perceptions and experiences. It provides an overview of the theoretical and philosophical frameworks that have been used to analyse how and why we choose fragrance. A broad range of fragrance types - woody, resinous, spicy, herbaceous, agrestic, floral and citrus - are then introduced, as well as the attars that form part of Unani Tibb medicine, and the traditional and contemporary uses and mood-enhancing properties of fragrance types are presented. Finally, readers are given guidance on how to cultivate their olfactory palate, which reveals a new dimension in the use of fragrance to enhance wellbeing.

About the Author (From Back of Book):

Jennifer Peace Rhind is a Chartered Biologist with a PhD in Mycotoxicology from the University of Strathclyde. Her long-standing interest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has led to qualifications in massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, and for 13 years she worked as a therapist and partner in a multidisciplinary complementary healthcare clinic. During this time she became involved in CAM education in the private sector and co-founded the first professionally accredited CAM school in Scotland. She was a lecturer on the BA (Hons) Complementary Healthcare programme at Edinburgh Napier University for 14 years, and remains involved in scent education. She is the author of Essential Oils: A Handbook for Aromatherapy Practice, also published by Singing Dragon. She lives in Biggar near the Scottish Borders.

Table of Contents for Fragrance and Wellbeing

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part I Scent: A Pan-Dimensional Perspective
    • 1. The Fallen Angel
    • 2. Smell and the Psyche
    • 3. Per Fumum
    • 4. Perfume: The Transcendence of the Sweet Life
    • 5. The Psychology and Sociology of Fragrance
  • Part II A Natural Palette of Aromatics
    • 6. The Language of Fragrance
    • 7. Woody, Resinous, Balsamic and Coniferous Scents
    • 8. Spices
    • 9. Herbaceous, Green, Camphoraceous, Cineolic and Agrestic Scented Botanicals
    • 10. Flower
    • 11. Citrus, Lemon-Scented Botanicals and Fruity Fragrances
    • 12. Attars and the Role of Fragrance in Unani Tibb Medicine - Jeannie Fatimeh Graham
  • In Conclusion
    • 13. Cultivating the Olfactory Palate
  • Glossary
  • Appendix A: Classification of Fragrance
  • Appendix B: Ambergris
  • Appendix C: Fragrance and the Four Elements
  • Appendix D: Developing Sensory Appreciation of Plant Aromatics, Essential Oils, Absolutes and Fragrances
  • References
  • Further Reading
  • Fragrance Index
  • Subject Index
  • Author Index

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