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Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide

Cover of 8 Minute Meditation

Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide
Author: Diane Ronngren
Publisher: Perigee Trade
Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 1930038135 / 978-1930038134

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Of the books that I've read/skimmed on smudging, Sage & Smudge certainly seems to provide the most in-depth coverage about Native American smudging rituals and the herbs most often used.

The chapter that I found to be the weakest is Chapter 6: Unable to Smudge? Although there is some helpful information to be found in this chapter, this chapter does not include any accurate references to the use of pure essential oils (i.e. Sage Essential Oil) and using it in place of smudge sticks when smudging isn't possible. Instead, the author states: "...Sage and herbs of all kinds have been used down through the ages as 'scent' or as essences in 'perfume.'" Although true, the terms "scent" and "perfume" are typically used to describe synthetic fragrances. Ronngren overlooked an opportunity to more thoroughly describe essential oils and particular ways they can be used when smudging isn't possible.

One other quibble that I have about Sage & Smudge is that it does not provide the botanical names for the herbs. There are different types of cedar and sage, for instance, and the novice can't be expected to immediately realize this. Sacred Smoke by Harvest McCampbell includes more herbs and mentions the botanical names for them.

Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide does seem to be the "ultimate" guide on the subject, and I applaud the author and publisher for not using the frequently overused term "complete" in the title. If you would like to purchase or read just one book on the topic, this Sage & Smudge is the ideal choice. No book can contain everything there is to know on a subject, and for that reason, I also recommend picking up a copy of the book Sacred Smoke by Harvest McCampbell.

Table of Contents for Sage & Smudge: The Ultimate Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Sacred Smoke
    • Sage
    • Cedar
    • Sweet Grass
    • Tobacco
    • Juniper
    • Lavender
    • Mugwort
    • Rosemary
    • Thyme
  • Chapter 2: Personal Sage and Smudge Rituals
  • Chapter 3: When? - "Time is of the Essence!"
    • New Moon
    • First Quarter Moon
    • Full Moon
    • Last Quarter Moon
    • Other Times
  • Chapter 4: Where? - Defining "Personal Space"
  • Chapter 5: How? - Practical Tips for Using Sage and Smudge
    • Practical Tips
    • Tools
    • Using Sage and Smudge Wands and Sticks
    • Using Loose Sage and Other Herbs
    • Lighting Sage and Smudge
    • Color Choices
    • Primary Colors
    • The Red Family
    • The Blue Family
    • The Yellow Family
    • When Color "Families" Combine
    • Checklist for Sage and Smudge Rituals
  • Chapter 6: Unable to Smudge?
  • Chapter 7: Clearing Your Bedroom
    • To Think About
    • Tips and Tools
    • Simple Bedroom Clearings
    • Personal Clearing
    • Complete Bedroom Clearing
  • Chapter 8: Clearing and Healing Your Home Environment
    • To Think About
    • Tips and Tools
    • General Outline for a House Clearing and Healing Ritual
  • Chapter 9: Clearing and Healing Common Areas in Your Home
    • To Think About
    • Tips and Tools
  • Chapter 10: Clearing and Protecting Your Vehicle
    • Part I: Clearing the Garage (or parking space)
      • To Think About
      • Tips and Tools
    • Part II: Clearing a Vehicle
      • To Think About
      • Tips and Tools
    • Part III: Bicycles, Motorbikes or Mopeds
  • Chapter 11: Sage and Smudge Personal Possessions
    • To Think About
    • Tips and Tools
  • Chapter 12: Personal Sage and Smudge Rituals
    • To Think About
    • Tips and Tools
    • Quick Personal Sage and Smudge Ritual
    • Full Personal Sage and Smudge Clearing and Healing Ritual
    • Other Personal Sage and Smudge Rituals
  • 101 Personal Sage and Smudge Rituals
  • Bibliography

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